H A J   C O M M I T T E E   O F   I N D I A
(Constituted under the Act of Parliament No. 35 of 2002)


Ref:HC-Quota/2011/SM- 838                                            9th  April, 2011.



The Executive Officer / Secretary,
All State / Union Territory Haj Committees.

Sub :       Haj 1432 (H) – 2011. Confirmed Seats for the Pilgrims
                  over  70   years   of   age   and   his  / her   companion.

Sir / Madam,

In continuation to this office communication of even number dated 5th April, 2011, it is to clarify that, the intending pilgrims of over 70 years of age as on 31st March, 2011, along with his / her, only one companion shall be allotted confirmed seat during Haj – 2011. Please note that the last date for acceptance of applications for the Pilgrims above 70 years will be the same as of general category i.e. 30th April, 2011.

The State/ Union Territory Haj Committees are advised to get in touch with the intending Pilgrims who have already submitted their Applications and have already been allotted cover numbers, to give their preference, as to whom they are inclined to accommodate as companion against reserved seats. e.g.,

  1. In case, out of five intending pilgrims in a cover, one is a male pilgrim above 70 years, who is a Mehram for remaining four ladies, under such circumstances, the male pilgrim has to be approached so that he should identify one Mehram lady as companion, whereas the remaining three ladies will not be given confirmed status. If the intending pilgrim insists for all co-pilgrims to travel with him in that case,  all five applications will have to be registered as fresh applicants to be included in Qurrah (draw of lots).
  2. In case there are two male and two female pilgrims in a cover and one of them is over 70 years of age, split the cover according to Mehram, so that the intending pilgrim over 70 years  of age along with one companion shall be allotted confirmed seats and the  remaining   two applicants may be included in Qurrah (draw of lots), by giving them fresh cover number.
  3. Out of 4 applicants in a single cover, having two applicants over 70 years of age, in that  case, all four intending pilgrims have to be given confirmed seats in a single cover.
  4. No  companion  should  apply  separately. His/her  confirmation  can  only  be made  with  the intending pilgrims above 70 years of age.
  5. The benefit of confirmation in the above cases shall be extended to the Pilgrims and their companions who possess International Passports with required validity. Under no circumstances, companions will be allowed to go alone if over 70 years intending pilgrims cancelled his/her journey.
  6. The programme for splitting of existing cover above 70 years, has now been included in the menu of applicant details.
  7. Registration of fresh cover over 70 years can now be made as category “C” in the menu.

All State/Union Territory Haj Committees are requested to kindly comply with the revised norms and take utmost care while registering the application forms. They should approach the intending pilgrims who have already registered their applications before the announcement of revised norms, to sort out the issue before Qurrah (draw of lots), to avoid legal hurdles at a later stage by the State / Union Territory Haj Committees during Haj – 2011. Further clarification, if any, can be sought from the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai, as and when required.

Kindly treat the matter as MOST URGENT.

Yours faithfully,

                                                                                              (Dr. S. Shakir Hussain, IRS)
                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer.

Copy to:

  1. The Chairperson and Members, Haj Committee of India.
  2. The Joint Secretary (Gulf/Haj), Govt. of India, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  3. The Under Secretary (Haj), Govt. of India, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  4. The Attache (Haj), Govt. of India, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  5. Information through Press / Electronic Media, for wide publicity.
  6. Website of the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai.






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