On behalf of  Haj Committee of India,  M/s Visual Concepts (Mr.Shoaib Choudhary) is producing an educational film for the benefit of Pilgrims.

The film is aimed at orienting and educating the travelling pilgrims on the DO’s and DON’Ts during their forty day stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and would be a detailed audio visual presentation of the Logistics and all the rituals to be followed by the pilgrims. To maintain the authenticity of the film, the research is overseen by the HCOI and renowned Islamic Scholars. The producers intend to distribute a CD of the film to the pilgrims besides a telecast of the same on multiple television channels in order to reach out to millions of Muslim brothers and sisters. The entire cost of the project will be met by M/s Visual Concepts through donations and Sponsorships. M/s Visual Concepts invites individual / corporate sponsorships/ advertisements for the same.

Hajj - considered to be the biggest event in the life of a Muslim, becoming a part of this project is one of the most pious platforms to reach out to our community.

For suggestions, details, enquiries please contact:

(1) Shoaib Choudhary
M/s Visual Concepts
mail : info@visualconcepts.in

(2) Mr.Anwar Khatau, Superintendent, HCOI 
  mail : ceo@hajcommittee.com

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