R. A. S. (Reserved Accommodation Scheme) :

As per Saudi Regulations, accommodation has to be arranged for the pilgrims in advance through CGI. The space entitlement per pilgrim is 4 sq. meters.


Makkah Accommodation :

For Haj - 2019, there are two categories of accommodation in Makkah viz. Category Azizia : Azizia area and Category NCNTZ : Away from Haram Shareif at a distance of 1.5 kms to 2 kms. (1km. from the outermost periphery of Haram Shareif). The pilgrims are required to indicate their option in the HAF. The option once exercised shall be final and irrevocable. The accommodation particulars and charges for the two categories of similar standard at distant locations are as follows :


Category Azizia :

Azizia area (with transport and kitchen facility to and from Haram Shareif) Azizia area is in Makkah Mukarramah is located about 7-8 kms from the outermost periphery of Haram Shareif. Pilgrims opting for this category will be accommodated in Azizia or similar localities. The amount charged for Azizia category, inclusive of transportation during Haj - 2018 was SR 2580 per pilgrim.

Features of accommodation facilities in Azizia Area:


Kitchen Facility


A/C low rise buses available 24 hrs. to and from Haram Shareif

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(b)  Category NCNTZ (Non Cooking Non Transport Zone) :

Away from Haram Shareif at a distance of 1.5 km. to 2 kms. (1km. away from the outermost periphery of Haram Shareif (without transport and without kitchen facility) Accommodation in this category will be provided within a distance of 1.5 km. to 2 km. away from Haram Shareif (1km. away from the outermost periphery of Haram Shareif) as shown in the following map. Also, the area near Haram Shareif is undulating and sloppy :-

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As the shape of Haram Shareif is very large and uneven, in some locations, the distance from outermost periphery to Kaaba would be additional 500-1000 meters. Pilgrims have to either walk from their buildings to the Haram Shareif or use taxi on their own expense, which is hardly available. Cooking has been strictly prohibited in the buildings under this category as per the instructions of Saudi Authorities,. Therefore, NO KITCHEN FACILITY is available in this category. The pilgrims have to make their own arrangements for meals by purchasing from restaurants, hotels, etc. The amount charged for this category during Haj - 2018 was SR 4500 per pilgrim. Due to ongoing construction work near Haram Shareif, very few accommodation buildings are available in this Category. In Haj - 2018, around 45,000 pilgrims opted for this category whereas only 15500 accommodation units could be procured. In case, if more applicants opt for Category NCNTZ, the selection shall be done through Qurrah. [During Haj-2018, only 31% pilgrims of the total applicants who opted this Category got accommodated in the said Category]. Differential of accommodation rentals were refunded to the remaining pilgrims.



Besides absence of kitchen, there are neither special / extra facilities in accommodation units for pilgrims of Category NCNTZ nor any preferential treatment during the stay in Madinah and Mina / Arafat / Muzdalifa.


In case of non-availability, accommodation can be hired in altogether new category and allotted to the pilgrims who opted any of the above two categories.


Qurrah for accommodation :

In case the number of units available in a category is less than the demand, allotment shall be made through Qurrah. The remaining pilgrims shall be accommodated in the next category available. The charges will be as per the category actually allotted.