Pilgrims Training

Haj Committee of India organized Orientation/Training Programme for the Pilgrims. The Trainers are selected from each District of the State through the State Haj Committees concerned. The Trainers then organised Training Camps for the Pilgrims through the respective State Haj Committees at District level.

Standardization of Baggage

Haj Committee of India provided Standard (VIP) Baggage to each pilgrim in 2022.


Passport, Boarding pass, bracelets, Travel documents, SIM card, two bed sheet with two pillow cover set, umbrella handed over to the pilgrims before their departure at the Embarkation Point.

Pilgrims Vaccination

Haj Committee of India made necessary arrangements towards supply of Meningitis & Polio Vaccines from the Health Departments of All States/Union Territories Haj Committees through Director General Health Services, Government of India, New Delhi. The Pilgrims are inoculated against Meningitis as required under W.H.O. norms.

Pilgrims RTPCR Test

To facilitate pilgrims HCoI arranged RTPCR testing centres at each embarkation point before departure from India.

Haj 1443 (H) – 2022

Preparation and activities of Haj – 2022.
Pilgrims successfully performed Haj.

Zam Zam Distribution

Five Ltrs Zam-Zam Can provided to each pilgrim on the arrival at the airport.

Pilgrims in KSA