Guidelines for Haj-2023 (C.E.)

Government of India
Ministry of Minority Affairs


(Statutory Body Constituted under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002)

Guidelines for Haj 1444 (H)-2023 (C.E.)


    1. Aspirants who are physically and financially capable of performing Haj may apply for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.) subject to the criteria mentioned in the guidelines hereunder and the guidelines/instructions issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) from time to time for Haj 2023.
    2. As the arrangements for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.) are being made under special circumstances due to CoVID-19 pandemic, the entire process of inviting applications from Indian pilgrims for Haj 2023 will be provisional till the final guidelines of KSA are announced. In case of change in circumstances due to fresh outbreak of CoVID-19 cases or any other reasons, KSA may impose further restrictions related to eligibility criteria for international pilgrims, vaccination status, and other CoVID-19 protocols which shall be made applicable for all the pilgrims selected for Haj.  It may be noted that only those persons who are fully vaccinated with the approved CoVID-19 vaccine, at least one month before actual departure for Haj 2023 will be allowed to travel for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE).
    3. It is also expected that the KSA may review its Guidelines/instructions on Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (C.E.) including cancellation of the Haj pilgrimage entirely or partially for International pilgrims depending upon the conditions prevailing at the time of Haj.  In such circumstances, the Haj Committee of India (HCol) shall not be liable for any change in eligibility criteria for pilgrims or cancellation of the Haj process either completely/partially, or for any financial obligations or any other circumstances that may arise due to the decisions taken by the KSA.
    4. It is expected that the expenditure under the package of HCoI for a pilgrim for Haj 2023 would be less than that of Haj 2022. However, the actual amount for pilgrims will be finalized only after hiring of services for the pilgrims in India and Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims who are capable of undertaking Haj shall only apply after validating their eligibility conditions and should have the means and wherewithal for undertaking Haj  in line with the eligibility norms for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.).
    5. PREFACE: Haj Committee of India (hereinafter referred to as HCol), a Statutory Body under Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, constituted under the Haj Committee Act, (No.35 of 2002), hereby issues the guidelines for persons willing to apply for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.).  It is advised that persons willing to perform Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.) may read the guidelines carefully before submitting the online Haj Application Form (hereinafter referred to as HAF).